Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hop Hop Hop!

Why 'Murazaki Usagi'?
It means 'purple rabbit' in English or 'Kelinci Ungu' in Indonesian. But I'd like to call it 'Kelinci Lebam'.

The word 'Murazaki Usagi' is taken from one of my 7 songs. My own favorite song.
I'm not a singer, anyway. Well it's not a crime right? By writing a songs only for personal files.

Hi. My name's Pricilia. You can call me... Ichi. But you can call me anything with any kind of nicknames you like, anyway. I'm Indonesian and live in Japan--already 2 years. And still wondering about my future will be later. Still wondering, am I gonna escape this crazy 2nd term sweetly, as like Gwen Steffani's song?

I'm a heavy-moody woman. A light-smoker, and sometimes chilling out with favorite Horoi 3% alcohol beverage. Just smoke and drink--if necessary.

Back into purple rabbit,
I have a band called Indonesia Attack in my campus. I have a 'very-ultra-gay-looks-like' drummer (also the band manager), a ridiculous and anti-joke guitarist (whom secretly stole my heart), and a hearty cute bassist. (I'll explain about them later)
Our job is: playing music, make a song, perform on live house, pay the perform prices, go to the drink party, pay the drink party, and so on until I have no more money left.
That's a very big problem in Japan right now. Actually, my own wallet also the problem is. Well maybe we'll talk about money later.

So, I am the ordinary college girl who struggling with kanji, cilture shock, and money here.
Even they said it's really fun that I could live here, actually it's not at all.
It against my dream.

But whatever the fortune choose,
I'll run it for the better results. I still believe, God never leave me. Whatever it takes, I'll stay the same.

Even it's purple, bunny always looks very cute.


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